Monday, August 06, 2007

Weekend Warriors

Yellow Moon and Radiant Red.

Those were the colors I chose on a whim.

And those were the colors we painted our family room this Sunday.

Our very first paint job ever.

It was backbreaking work.

Took us a full day almost.

One thick coat of primer, followed by one thick coat of paint.
The painting was the easy part, however.

The prep work prior to painting was time consuming.

Moving furniture, removing wall paintings, getting the drop cloths in place, patching the wall, masking off the
moldings, scraping old clotted paint, wiping the walls down with a vinegar-water get the picture.

And then the cleanup of the floors, our brushes and tools, and rearranging things back in place after the painting was over – took ages!

The guys on HGTV could have fooled us.

They make it look so easy!

At first I was scared we had gone too bold.

I mean, the colors looked so much more muted when we saw the samples in the store!

However once they dried, they looked really nice - very vibrant and interesting.

And truth be told, we are kinda enjoying our
new “bold” colors, for the reason we wanted bright colors in the first place, was because its a dark room, with no windows and not the greatest of lighting.

We still have to paint the moldings white (they used to be a brick red before!), but we’ve decided to keep that for another weekend.

Now if only my body wouldn’t ache so much...

Who knew that painting could be such good exercise? :)


Abby said...


Lizzie said...

I love it, I love it, I love it! Bright, vibrant colors, definitely the way to go. Hope you are recovering well though. :)

Ramya said...

It really looks lovely, Poo... worth the back breaking labor!

Princess Karamiri said...

Awww thanks! Actually I wish we'd chosen more muted colors. But we're stuck with these for a while now!