Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Day of the Dogs!

Domino, Kelly and PicoLots of excitement happened today as Pico's friends came over to visit!

Two beautiful, sleek black pitbulls named Domino and Kelly. Unlike the vicious pitbulls you keep hearing of in the newspapers, these two are as sweet as can be.

They belong to the guy who lives opposite our place and come over pretty regularly to shake paws with Pico.

Pico sniffs Domino's butt!
Of course in doggy terms a "Hello Buddy!" involves sniffing each others private parts.

So after lots of running and chasing in the open plot next to our house, the doggies thirstily lapped up some water I gave them in a bowl.

Me and the doggiesDomino guards me!Then it was time for cookies - doggie biscuits, and I had a grand old time feeding three dogs all at once.

It was so fun and such a nice way to end the day after a hard day's work.

Of course Nanu took some pictures of me with Domino (the guy with the green collar) and Kelly (the girl with the red collar) and Pico (the cute tri-color beagle).

We were quite the stinky couple when we finally got back inside the house. We smelled like three dogs rolled into one!


abbyladybug said...

Hahaha! That dog-butt sniffing pictures is hilarious! :D

Good times.

poornima said...

It is isnt it? I tell you, doggy manners are going to the dogs! Ha ha ha.

Brian said...

So, it was a "three dog night"? ;-)

poornima said...

Yeah, you got that right!