Monday, April 03, 2006

Ahh, Spring...At Last!

Spring is finally here. I see previously naked branches of tress, budding and blooming in a riot of magnificent color. In fact there is this tree with beautiful pink flowers blooming right outside my house. It is such a splendid sight for sore eyes indeed. I’m so glad winter is over!

Anyone know what tree this is?

Its past 7 PM and it’s still light outside. Unbelievable! Just a few days ago, it used to get dark by 4 PM.

Isn’t it just wonderful how spring suddenly sneaks up on you and catches you unawares?

The farmer’s market has started in honor of spring time and so our Saturday mornings are fun again as we go vegetable shopping in the colorful market, filled with farmers who grow the stuff themselves.

Now if it could only get a wee bit warmer, then I could start wearing my open toed sandals and life would be perfect all over again.


Brian said...

Oh yes! Spring makes one feel soooooo gooood, doesn't it? The only downside is that it's fickle. Today it's back down near freezing, but at least this won't last and the warmer temps will return in a couple of days.

I have no idea what kind of tree that is... sorry.

poornima said...

Yeah its kinda strange. The sun is out, it looks and feels sunny - but there is still this chill in the air, for which I need a jacket.