Saturday, April 08, 2006

Horrific Morning Story

Something unbelievably gross happened this morning.

Even though it was a Saturday, I had to wake up early, since I had to help with the 'Health and Safety Fair' sponsored by the newspaper I work for.

So I woke up with a groan (wishing I could sleep longer), brushed my teeth and started making a cup of hot chai. I let Pico out to go potty and let him back inside when he scratched the door about five minutes later.

Waiting for the kettle to whistle, I sleepily started putting away cat and dog toys I kept stumbling over on the carpet. The lighting was dim inside the house, since it was early morning.

I picked up what I thought was one of those plastic, fake fur covered rat toys meant for cats and suddenly hell broke loose. I let out a wild, disgusted, freaked-out-of-my-wits SHRIEK of absolute HORROR and flung the "toy" away from me as far as I could.

I had picked up a newly dead, gray baby rat.

Pico had either killed it in the garden or found it already dead in the garden and brought the thing indoors when I let him in. The rat was still warm when I picked him up thinking he was a toy.

I ran into the bathroom and started making retching sounds, as I frantically washed my hands with plenty of anti-bacterial soap and hot water. It was simply horrifying and darkly comic at the same time.

Poor Nanu who was still sleeping when this happened came running out on hearing my shriek and helped dispose the dead baby rat outdoors. What a way to start the day!

I thought beagles traditionally hunted rabbits. Turns out my beagle hunts rats. Gross!


abbyladybug said...


poornima said...

I know. Ugghhh! And dowuble Eeeuuuwwww! I couldnt eat a thing most of the day....and every time I think of the rat in my bare hands I feel so squeamish and sick. Sob!

Shree said...

Eeuuuuuu--- many be you want to check other places too:) who knows what Pico has hidden!!


poornima said...

Oh My God! Why didnt I think of that before? I hope he's not hidden anything gross and dead around the house. Am going to search my place NOW!

Sunitha said...

In the mean time here's a picture for you :)

poornima said...

Ha ha. very appropriate picture that!

Leah Fo Shizzle Bizzle said...

hahahhaha I had your blog bookmarked wrong! i have lots of reading to catch up on! gross on the rat, but i love that sunitha but up the nataliedee link!!

love love love

poornima said...

Yeah, the natalie dee rat rules! Good to see you here Leah.

Elizabeth said...

Awww man, the joys of having aminals. :)