Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Pico Strikes Again...

So there I was sitting on my computer the other day, when I heard a sickening crunch. My heart stopped and I knew that something unpleasant had just taken place. I walked the five feet to where Pico lay on the carpet and sure enough his latest victim lay all mangled next to him.

I shed a tear...

It was my beautiful camera phone.

It looked like a monster had taken a go at it:
  • It was covered in puncture marks
  • The display screen was broken
  • The battery cover had been ripped off
  • The keypad had nothing but holes in it
  • And it had several pieces of metal missing!
Nanu and I adopted Pico, a Beagle puppy from PAWS (Pets Are Worth Saving) in Anna, IL a couple of months ago.
At that time he weighed about 12 pounds. Four months later, he has grown tremendously and is a healthy 30 pounds now.

Though I love him dearly, its been an uphill battle trying to train him and get him to behave. Luckily we have succeeded in potty training him and he hardly ever messes up inside anymore. That is a relief! But we're still battling everyday with all his destructive tendencies. No matter how much we puppy proof our home, Pico always manages to find something to chew and destroy.

We've even joined a puppy training class, which we attend once a week with several other puppy owners burdened with naughty rascals like ours! Its great for laughs, but I do hope it will help us through the ordeal it sometimes can be of being a responsible puppy owner.

Pico is going through his teething stage and anything and everything is fair game. He has chewed amongst other things:
  • The edge of my chest of drawers
  • The coffee table leg
  • My camera phone
  • My Bodyshop lipstick
  • The wooden molding on walls
  • All the cat toys
  • Ripped up carpets on the floor
Despite the damage caused I find I cannot remain upset with him for over five minutes. He really is the cutest pup on earth. He has this adorable way of cocking his ears and looking at me, which just melts my heart and releases this flood of starry eyed emotions. And then I go all gooey-eyed and make idiotic cooing sounds to Pico, who happily goes on to destroy something new all over again...

Oh what on earth am I going to do?


Elizabeth said...

Oh the joys of being the parent of a puppy dog. :) Hang in there!

Indian Lady said...

Hi there, I'm so happy you have a blog, now I can read it first thing in the morning as I drink my chai :) Excellent decision to start one. When you are exhausted and dont want to write a single line, remember that you have faithful readers on the other side of the planet eagerly waiting for the next instalment of Princess K's adventures.
Best of luck with the training :)

poornima said...

Awwww....Those are my first comments on this blog! Thanks Elizabeth and Sunita for taking time out to read! Miss you both.
Hugs ~P

Shree said...

Hi there! Good to hear that you guys adopted a dog. I know what it is like when you have to house break your dog. Hang in there, they are just lovable!!! Will send you pictures of our dog Truffle.

Shree said...

BTW- Truffle is a Flat-Coated Retriever!!!

poornima said...

Yeah we went through a phase when we felt we would have to give Pico up...but realized we couldnt live without him soon enough! So he's here to stay.
Thanks for sending me pix of Truffle on email. He looks so adorable! We should have a doggy party!
Wanna come down with Truffle to Carbondale? What say you? :)

chitra said...

never mind.u can always pick up another phone but u cant replace pico iyer! i have become a dog lover becos of pico! i love that naughty fellow!patience my dear--a few more months and he will be fine!

poornima said...

Thanks Mom! Pico misses you too.