Tuesday, July 19, 2005


Its over…finally! Unbelievable.
I actually did a pretty good job of all the answers, even if i say so myself. The 8 hours of writing nearly killed me though, especially towards the end when i got super restless and nearly ran out of time. But i just gritted my teeth and went on with the writing, even if my fingers were slowly turning numb with all the hours of typing and my mind slowly freezing up with all the stress…oh I’m just being a drama queen i guess!
Thom’s (The Chair of my committee) question to me was about creating a business plan to sell my book and my future books, if i took the POD or Self Publishing route. He asked me to consider other avenues like graffiti, TV, film, radio and so on and discuss them as well…
Ali’s question was about how writing a children’s book was different from that of an adult book, the characteristics that made a children’s book unique, children as a special audience, their developmental characteristics - basically a lot of stuff about children and their reactions to the media, especially storytelling.
Ron’s question to me was highly creative: It concerned creating a treatment and sample episode with a three act structure for a live action TV series and an animated Film based on the children’s book i had written. Answering that was pretty intense, especially since i was running out of time.
But the point is i didn’t blank out as i feared i would. I didn’t have nothing to say - as i feared i would. Everything went pretty smooth, if you ask me and much to my utter surprise at that! Woohooo…now its time to do nothing but chill…and set a date of course for the oral defense of my written paper!

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