Thursday, July 13, 2006

Roomy Rooms

I'm back. And everyone I know is safe and accounted for in India, despite what happenned recently in Bombay.

The house is looking lovelier every day. Thats our living room, with Project Runway, Season 3 playing on the TV screen at night!

Is anyone planning to visit us soon or what? We have the guest bedroom all ready - awaiting you!

Here's what it looks like: We call it "The Blue Room".

Now you know why!


abbyladybug said...

I think that even without the picture, I could have worked out the reason for the name of the room.

Shree said...

Cozy home!! Very Homey and well kept:)

I am glad that people whom we know are safe after the Bombay blast.
I fail to understand why people kill each other in the name of religion???

Leah Fo Shizzle Bizzle said...

i want to come visit! that would be so fun.

poornima said...

Come on over, anytime Leah! Thanks Shree. Hope all your people are safe. C'mon Abby how would you know it was the "Blue Room" without the pic? Heh heh.

chitra said...

can i go back in time? please please!i long for the days i spent with both of u-it seems a dream--sigh!lucky g3 she is visiting u end august and she gets 2 sleep in the blue room! boo hoo--i am wailing!ur house looks great and the backyard looks awesome!send pic of kitchen.