Tuesday, July 04, 2006

New House News!

Its been more than a week since I posted last. Boy, thats a long time!

The good news is we're all unpacked and mostly settled into our new home. Unpacking those cardboard boxes filled with stuff seemed to take forever. But the house looks lovely now and all that needs to be done is hang up all the paintings and wall hangings.

I finally have a massive closet, which is big enough to fit all my stuff. And Nanu has his own massive closet - its so wonderful not to have to share closet space anymore! Yay! The new washer and dryer work marvellously well and are so quiet in comparison to what we had at the rental property. The kitchen is quite sunny during the day - since it faces East and thats another thing I like about the house - lots of natural sunlight filtering in.

The cats were scared the first day we moved and refused to come out from under the sofa for most of that day. But later that evening they started to explore and now seem to be having a blast chasing each other all over the house and finding all the sunny spots to sleep in.

Oh and Pico's enjoying himself with a new pass-time. Its called Dog-Skating!

Since we have bare floors covering most of the house, what he does is run at top speed from one corner of the family room to the other and since there's no carpet to stop his momentum, he skids and skates all over the floor. He seems to like it enormously and we love watching him do that. Its quite hilarious!

Also he managed to find two weak spots in the fenced-in backyard and wriggled into our neighbor's compound through the fence. Smart dog that!

The sucky news is we're on dialup. Our DSL was supposed to come through a few days ago - but for some reason, there's been a delay. So until we get DSL we're stuck with dial-up, which really is so frustrating. Every page takes ages to download and any internet surfing is painful right now, due to the slow speed of the connection.

Hopefully we'll get our hi-speed internet soon and then I can post some pictures!


abbyladybug said...

Yay! I've seen dogskating. It's MARVELOUS fun!

Lizzie said...

I know of this dogskating thing too actually! It's even more fun when you do it with the dog. :)

Shree said...

Hey, I am waiting for the pictures. Happy housewarming!