Saturday, July 22, 2006

A public email that worked!

From: Me
To: All my co-workers at the office

My apologies for the mass mail, but is anyone looking to adopt a kitten?

He’s about two weeks old and the cutest little thing you ever saw. We found him last night in our backyard, hungry and lost. It looks like he’s hurt himself on his left paw, since he seems to be limping a bit…

I already have two cats and a dog and really can’t take this little guy in. Right now he’s sitting in a crate with food and water in my house, waiting to be adopted.

I plan to take him to the humane shelter, if no one wants him.

But if any of you are looking for a kitten or know someone who is, please get in touch with me as soon as possible. This kitten really needs a home.

This was taken a few days ago, when we heard him mewing but couldn’t get to him, since he’d run away every time we’d come near. So we just settled for leaving a bowl out for him…(I added a pic here).

Please do get in touch, if you’d like to offer him a home.

Guess what? That email really worked! Two of my co-workers, mailed me right away asking to adopt the kitten. They both live on farms with plenty of animals.

So I said yes to the person who mailed me first - a young girl who works as an editorial assistant. She said her parents live on a farm, where their cats have just had a couple of litters, about 2-3 weeks ago and those kitties are probably the same age as my little kitty. She said my kitten would have lots of playmates and she would love to take him home.

So she came over to my place, the very next day and took him away with her. I should have been so happy to see him go into a loving home. But I felt so sad. I think I was secretly hoping that no one would adopt him, so that I could keep him.

The house feels kinda empty without him. Isn't it strange how attached you can get in just two days?

I asked her what she's named him. She said she calls him Ringo. Oh well...!!

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Lizzie said...

So glad that kitty has found a good home, good thinking P!