Monday, July 17, 2006

The Elusive Kitty

I got home from work about an hour ago and went to the backyard. I heard the little, homeless kitty mewing non-stop and made my way towards the fence where its all overgrown - like a little jungle in the making.

The little survivor was sitting on top of some dead branches and shouting at us! He looked hungry. So Nanu and I got some milk and kitty treats and went as close to him as possible and left it there.

Within five minutes, there he was scrambling through the thick, overgrown brush making his way to the food. He happily ate all the kitty treats and started lapping the milk.

I tried to get closer, hoping I could grab him and take him indoors to safety, but it was a no-go. He ran away.

When I retreated to a respectful distance, he made his way back and started drinking the milk again. Well, I guess he will be our fourth pet (after Motu, Billu and Pico) - except he'll live outdoors.

We cant catch him, but if we dont feed him, he won't survive. So it looks like we'll just have to leave some milk and food for him every day, until he's old enough to make it on his own. He's so small that he's not as yet able to eat regular, cat food. But he does seem to enjoy the moist kitty treats we left for him. Hmmmpppfff! A cat with expensive tastes!

I told Nanu that we need to name him, seeing that we seem to be spending so much time in our backyard, trying to bond with him. So Nanu came up a silly little poem, just as I was typing this.

Here it is:
"His name is Dracula
He has a dark coat
Raises hell in the night
And he bites and draws blood"

If you don't know what I'm talking about, maybe you missed my previous kitty post. You can catch up on that here.

Of course I'm assuming the kitty is a "he". Isn't that sexist of me? It could be a "she" for all I know.

I just think he's a survivor, tough, smart and very brave. In tamil, my mother tongue, I'd say the cat's got a lot of - which is pronounced "Adhistam" - translation? LUCK.

For he is one lucky kitty, isn't he?


abbyladybug said...

Oh s/he's CUTE!

Leah Fo Shizzle Bizzle said...

adorable! and fiesty. i love it!