Saturday, June 03, 2006

Scuba-diving, globe-trotting, adventurous little pest!

My adventure-loving sister is on a 34 day trip to Malaysia, Indonesia and a few other places. Since she's a professional scuba diver, she's getting her hi-tech diving equipment serviced and also buying some more gear, in addition to doing some fun diving, exploring and holidaying - all on her own.
Wish I was in her shoes right now!

Of course with all thats happening in quake-hit Indonesia (not to mention bird-flu, possible tsunami and volcanic eruptions), my parents and me are super worried for her safety. But she's headstrong and has done all her research and insists she will be okay.

She's just started an online blog chronicling her travels. Since she's using local internet cafes, she says she cant upload pictures as yet. But promises they will come soon.

Do visit her blog - its at

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