Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Phone calls

This is too funny.
I just got a call from a guy who read the May issue of the Health Magazine.
Strange Guy: Can you give me the phone number for Dr. Ying Li?
Me: What?? (I’m puzzled) This is the Southern Health Magazine. I think you have the wrong number.
Strange Guy: No! Aren’t you Poo uh Poorni-ma?
Me: Yes…?
Strange Guy: I read the May issue of your magazine. You wrote that Acupuncture story didn’t you?
Me: Yes…I did.
Strange Guy: You talked about Dr. Ying Li – I want to go to her with my medical condition.
And then the light turned on in my dull brain and I realized why he was calling me! So I gave him Dr. Li’s number. Looks like these stories are helping people. Hee!

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