Saturday, May 13, 2006

New Plants! New Plants!

There's glorious sunshine all around.
Summer is almost here. The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming and the grass is greener than ever.

So Nanu and I went yard sale shopping today and I picked up several nice flower pots for less than a dollar each.

We then stopped by a plant sale organized by the local Church nearby.

We brought home loads of plants: Some pretty flowering plants (don’t know their names, unfortunately), two tomato plants and two bell pepper (capsicum) plants.

While Nanu was away attending the SIU Commencement/Graduation ceremony, I spent an hour filling the colorful pots with fresh mud and potting my pretty plants.

My cats were curious and Billu did his level best to eat the plants when he thought I wasnt looking.

I plan to move them outdoors tomorrow, so that they get all the sun they need and are away from my destructive, plant-eating cats!

At a moving sale we went to, I spotted an interesting looking plant selling for just 75 cents. The lady told me it was called "Mother-in-law's Tongue!"

I nearly died laughing.

I had to buy it then. Sorry Rajima (that’s my wonderful ma-in-law) no offense to you, but that is such a hilarious name for a plant!

I did some research and it's supposed to be a tough plant that grows well both indoors and out.

It's apparently also called devil's tongue, lucky plant, good-luck plant and snake's root.

I hope it grows well in our home.

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