Friday, May 05, 2006

Fun Stuff for the Weekend!

So Nanu and I plan on doing many fun things this weekend. Since there seem to be a whole list, I might as well use bullets!
  • We want to visit Makanda (this quaint little village near Carbondale) on Saturday or Sunday, since its hosting the Makanda Spring Festival - an annual event, filled with live bands and artisans selling handcrafted products.

    I've been to Makanda before for their Vulture Festival last Fall and it’s this really pretty place, where you'll see tons of hippies, rustic, handmade ornaments and intriguing gardens.
    Locally made fine silver and gold jewelry, hand made rugs, throws, glass jewelry and candles, local art from over 50-60 different artists, hand dipped ice cream, and locally produced garden fountains made of brass and copper - ooh this place is a treasure trove of the good stuff.

    Of course a lot of it is just priced way above what I can afford!
  • We also want to go to a couple of yard sales and moving sales we see listed in the classified sections of the newspaper. It’s the end-of-the-semester and the time when a lot of people are leaving town for good. This might be the perfect time to find that elusive bargain!
  • Reminder to self: We need to buy groceries! Our fridge looks weird, since it’s almost half empty. We haven’t had much time to go out and stock it up. We really need to do it this weekend.
  • We'll probably visit the Farmer's Market tomorrow and get some fresh veggies.

    The Farmer's Market is really this lovely place to go. Some 20 or so farmers set up their stalls and sell everything from pumpkins, to brinjals, peppers, tomatoes, fresh cut flowers, handcrafted furniture and doggy biscuits.

    There is this whole sense of camaraderie and community, when we visit this place every Saturday and it seems to play such a vital role in the small town I live in.
  • Need to bathe Pico. He seems all smelly and stinky. We have this 'tearless baby shampoo' meant for puppies and he seems to enjoy his once-a-week baths in warm water.

    Of course it’s the cleaning of the tub, after we give him his bath that kills us; since fine dog hair forms a nice scattered carpet everywhere we look!

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