Saturday, March 11, 2006

Off we go...

Our bags are packed and we're ready for the weekend. Karber's Ridge, here we come!

The cats should be all right on their own for the weekend. We've left them home-alone for three days at a time in the past and they've managed fine. So no worries there.

I guess the automatic litter box has a lot to do with it! What a great investment that was, though we didnt pay nearly as much for ours.

Pico is going to be boarded at Animal Crackers. Its this wonderful pet shop cum boarding, grooming, day care and dog training place in Carbondale. He seems to like it there, so thats a relief. And at $10 a day its extremely reasonable and surprisingly good service.

Last night, we cooked for like two hours, since we're going to a place where there are apparently no restaurants (imagine that!). Also we dont know if Bill's kitchen is stocked with anything at all (since its his guest house and not his real home) and really dont want to mess it up anyway.

So Nanu and I made aloo paranthas, Spanish Rice (mom's recipe) and Tomato subji (mom's easy recipe again). We're also taking some eggs, bread, mayo and jam, in case we get REALLY hungry! It already feels like a picnic.

Sunitha: We thought of you when we made the aloo paranthas. You made such good ones for us, in Bloomington. Sigh!

That's a pic of Nanu being all upbeat and silly!


Nanu said...

can you pls take my picture off?

poornima said...

Hee hee. No! If you give 5 good reasons, I might think about it!

Elizabeth said...

Hahaha, Nanu and Poornima banter...I love it. :)
But now my mouth is drooling for aloo parathas...darn it.

Sunitha said...

Yumm, aloo parathas, drool, drool. Guess what I ate for breakfast today - hash browns! have a nice trip kids.

Brian said...

Hope your weekend trip was the absolute best, and that the temperatures there warmed up like they did here.

poornima said...

The weekend was awesome indeed, as you can see from my next post!

What on earth are you doing eating Hash Browns when you can have your pick of Indian breakfasts like (drool, drool) Idli, Vadai, Unda Burji, Upma and what not!

Thought of you when hiking in the woods. Remember the time you took us to the forests around B-town?

abbyladybug said...

Oh man, that sounds awesome! So I bought this pack of frozen chappati from the Indian grocery, and it was yummy! But not like Sunitha's. How did I miss this post? I suck!! Those kitties are BEE-YOO=TEE-FUL!

And Nanu, I like the picture. I miss you guys.

poornima said...

Miss you too Abbutiful!