Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Du Quoin State Fair

Went to the Du Quoin State Fair yesterday.
Cant believe its been a year already. My sis was here the last time and we had such a blast...
This time Nanu and I exercised incredible restraint, avoiding the funnel cakes and the blooming onions and the fried twinkies!
Instead we shared an assortment of salted nuts and dug into a bowl of low fat dipping dots.


Gayatri said...

oh ! has it really been a year ? dosen't feel like it for sure. Wish i could come back and eat all those blooming onions...yum ! yum !!!
However i think it wise to abstain from all that oil and fat !!

Princess Karamiri said...

Yay my sis is here! And ya, its been a year already. Time flies by realy fast huh.