Monday, July 23, 2007

More Cats!!

Went to my friend's place the other day and finally got to meet her adorable cats! Miss B. lives with four beauties, with four fantastic names!

This is Toonses. He may be 10 years old, but his energy levels are more on par with a younger cat. He took a special shine to me!
This here is Dolly - looks a lot like my cats doesnt she?

This is Blasted. She's such a cutie. She likes to lick people if you scratch her on her back!

And this gorgeous guy is James MonkeyFriend. Yes I know thats a crazy name! As you can can see, my friend can get pretty creative with cat names! He's the youngest of the lot and crazy active as can be.


GSA said...

You are back!! Awesome pictures Poornima, the cats and the wedding. Looks like you had FUN. Thinking of getting a cat myself. Or.. maybe a dog, or maybe both :))

Princess Karamiri said...

Oh how exciting! Go to Petfinder dot com or visit your local animal shelter and adopt. We're thinking of getting Pico a companion too. Whats another dog when you already have one? :)