Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Feature: People Who Help the Birthing Process

Doulas and Midwives
Ever heard of a Doula? What about a Midwife?

For the month of March, I delved into the world of pregnancy, expectant mothers and the people who take care of them the natural way, for my story on the people who help the birthing process.

When I set out researching the story, I had no idea that midwives take care of women throughout their entire lifespan, whether it is caring for adolescents, women of childbearing age or menopausal women.
And about doulas I only had a vague idea.

That's what makes writing any story, such an interesting endeavor. You learn so much as you go along.

Click here to read the main story ["People Who Help the Birthing Process"] in text format.

Click here to read the sidebar ["A Midwife's Tale"] in text format.

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