Monday, November 27, 2006

Pets Day Out!

We loaded up my car with all the pets this evening. Guess where we were headed?

The vet of course, for their annual vaccinations and check ups!

Billu and Motu made quite a fuss before we could get them inside their respective crates.

We then put the crates in the backseat of my car, leashed up Pico and got him to sit in front with me and then we were off to Striegel Animal Hospital.

One hour later, all my babies have been vaccinated, poked, prodded, tested for various intestinal diseases and examined.

The verdict? They are all in excellent health.

Though apparently Motu might have to watch his weight. The vet says he is nearing obesity. I found this funny, coz it's like he's trying to live up to his name! Ha ha.

Gosh we are mean parents. What were we thinking when we named our chubby kitten "Motu?"


Leah Fo Shizzle Bizzle said...

I love your pets!
The day I ever get a dog.
Will be a great day, indeedy.

Princess Karamiri said...

Ha ha, thanks! Yeah you need a dog. You do!

Shree said...

Hey! Your pets are just wonderful and adorable!!!

Princess Karamiri said...

Hey howz your doggy doing?

Shree said...

Hey! Just was busy with work and visiting my sister in New Jersey.
Will send you new pictures of my dogs.

diniz said...

Your pets are very inspired to write a little note on Lassie the pom's shenanigans...

Princess Karamiri said...

Oooh Ms. Diniz finally comments on my blog! Hurrah! Yeah you need to write about Lassie.