Saturday, November 25, 2006

Husband at Work!

Nanu's been this busy bee today. He finally got off his lazy ass and got so much done - it's unbelievable!

He was up on the roof this morning clearing away the last of Fall's leaves and dead branches. After that, he even raked all the stuff he threw down on the ground!

Then he fixed the flashing on the roof - which needed to be done, due to all the electrical work we've been having done the past week and also swept and powerhosed our cement-floored screened in porch.

Boy I am so impressed! He's getting a special treat from me today! Heh heh.


chitra. said...

no wonder nanu is looking thin.hey nanu did poo nag u?as a treat make his fav khana and envelope him with all the love u can give him.

Princess Karamiri said...

Ha ha. No I didnt "nag" him. He just did what he had to do and I did make some yummy khana last night as a treat! And about him looking thin, it's so unfair. Men have a faster metabolic rate it looks like and it's true in Nanu's case. He loses weight without even trying! Wish the same could happen to me!

Leah Fo Shizzle Bizzle said...

hahaha Snakes on a Plane! I love it.

Leah Fo Shizzle Bizzle said...

hahaha snakes on a plane !
I love it.
and he should just drink more beer, then he will get fatter again :)
or some buffalo chips...oh yogis.

Princess Karamiri said...

Oh Yogis! I miss the place. You know what we need to do? Have a B-Town reunion in B-town at Yogis. That's what we need to do. And then Nanu will get fatter too!