Saturday, May 20, 2006

Sister, Sister!

My baby sister will be coming to visit us sometime in October - all the way from India.

Oooh, I cant wait! Its been a year and a half since I saw her last and I think thats the longest we've gone without seeing each other. There is so much catching up to do!

I love this recent picture she sent me of her, taken when she was travelling someplace exotic in Northern India.

Already I have this long list of things I want her to bring...mostly (ahem!) food of course.

1. A big box of Kaju Katli
(Diamond shaped sweets made of cashew, cardamom, sugar and ghee; covered in the thinnest of thin silver foil)

2. A big box of Motichoor Laddu
(Gram flour flakes mixed with almonds, sugar, ghee and other yumminess and rolled into balls)

3. A big bottle of my mom's famous Pulikatchal
(This awesome, spicy, wet, tamarind based paste, mixed with all kinds of spices and tons of peanuts that can be eaten with rice, bread or rotis - made by my mom with her secret recipe)

4. A big box of Biotique's Wheatgerm Moisturizer
(I adore this all herbal and natural brand of Indian cosmetics and especially swear by their Wheatgerm mositurizer)

Pretty silly huh? And October is still so long away....


Shree said...

Hey! That is exciting & fun news! Take care and enjoy the Indian delights 

poornima said...

Aww...thank you!