Tuesday, May 23, 2006

May/June 2006 Issue is Out!

The May/June 2006 issue of the Southern Health Magazine is out!

This is the first issue I get sole credit as the Editor. It looks pretty awesome if I say so myself.

I shared editorial credit with my mentor and friend John Homan in the previous issue, since I took over mid-month.

But this issue is really my baby.

In terms of content, I had three freelance writers who wrote interesting stories on indoor air, sports safety and the multiple birth experience.

I wrote the cover story on mental health, acupuncture and hospice care, in addition to handling the multitude of health news columns (an unbelievable 7 columns) in the magazine and taking care of all the responsibilities that come with being an editor!

Seeing an issue finally come out after all the planning, hard work, last minute changes, edits, deletions and additions is such a good feeling.

The Manager for Niche Publications is my boss, Roz, who does such an amazing job of pulling in the right advertising, creating marketing plans, bouncing interesting ideas and keeping us working as one cohesive team.

Brandi helps Roz and does all the advertising and marketing work for the magazine. She has a whacky sense of humor and is constantly coming to me with fantastic story ideas.

And then of course there's Spencer, the art, design and production person who needs to constantly think of creative ways of portraying often deadly and depressing health conditions! He sure does a good job of it.

You can download the PDF version of the magazine if you aren't in Southern Illinois but still want a peek.

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