Tuesday, May 23, 2006

The Hospice Story

This was the story I wrote on Hospice Care.

Hospice is such a fantastic concept, in that its all about improving the quality of life for the terminally ill and making their last days, weeks and months left on this earth as comfortable, pain free and fun as possible.

When agressive treatment in pursuit of a "cure" is no longer what the patient wants, he or she can decide to get into a hospice program, where they spend their last days with their family, in a loving environment, yet as comfortable as they will ever be with the palliative care and emotional help a hospice program can provide.

I was blown away by the people I interviewed. It cannot be easy knowing every patient you meet as part of your regular work, every day, is going to die any one of these days.

It sure takes courage, deep compasssion and a real commitment to the cause to work in a hospice.

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