Friday, April 21, 2006

Aaagh! I'm so blue

Am feeling a little overwhelmed with work…was given two weeks to get three big stories written for the magazine in addition to compiling content for around nine separate columns dealing with various health issues and segments.

I’ve also been dealing with other things like freelance writers who I farmed four stories to, editorial work, figuring out why the website doesn’t work and coming up with new ideas for the magazine’s website and setting up a Health news desk, (which essentially means all health related news releases, findings, reports and stories get sent to me from various medical schools, organizations, newswires, associations, companies and setting up a system that will enable me to deal with all that information flow on a daily basis!).

I have interviews set up tomorrow – a Saturday – and think I’ll be up writing all weekend and all through next week – and I still can’t be sure if I will be able to deliver on time. Baaah!

I do enjoy the job, but right now it feels pretty intense – the whole high pressure cooker schedule. And then there’s me. I just make things harder than I need to. You need about five sources per story and it’s good to run. But I’ve never had just five sources for a story - it's almost as if I like making things harder for myself...

Right now I’ve already interviewed:
Story A: 5 sources + 6 more sources to go
Story B: 4 sources + 4 more sources to go
Story C: 6 sources + 3 more sources to go

I need help. Seriously!


abbyladybug said...

Work smarter, not harder!

Sunitha said...

Its early days yet, soon you will be writing stories blindfolded and with both hands tied behind your back while walking Pico and cooking with Nanu :) There's nothing wrong with trying to overreach in the first few weeks :)