Saturday, March 18, 2006

What a Bargain!

I just got the best deal EVER! I still cant believe it. I picked up two fabulous winter coats for $49.

I know winter is coming to an end and spring is almost here. But I just couldn't miss this deal. It was the bargain of the century.

Let me give you more details. I went to Famous Barr today and discovered they were having this MASSIVE clearance sale on practically everything. So as I was looking around, I happened on the Winter Coats section and couldn't believe my eyes. Beautiful, branded dress coats and woolen jackets for $49 and to make it more unbelievable they were on 'Buy One, Get One Free'!

After trying on several of them, I finally chose a beautiful and formal Liz Claiborne black dress coat and a Jones New York maroony-red hooded winter coat. They fit perfectly and transform me from a poor grad student to a catwalk queen!

The original prices on each of these coats were $275. So I should have logically paid $550 for the two. But I got it for a total of $49. Oh, I could dance all night and giggle in glee for I have just had the coolest bargain ever! Yay!


nanu said...

ok my wife can't stop smiling about her great buys and she has been parading inside the house with the coat on and is messing up my quality time with the tv set. IU lost. am depressed.

poornima said...

Heh heh, very funny! :)

Elizabeth said...

Hey, as long as there isn't anything to celebrate IU-wise, you might as well celebrate a kickin' sale, right?

poornima said...

Oh yeah! And what a sale it was.

abbyladybug said...

Look how Nany posts. That is so fun! And there are bargains... and a little Bloomtown Rat reunion on the damn Internet. I love it! :P

I had some similar fun recently. Love me a bargain!

poornima said...

That is a cool GIF! Nice jackets Abby!