Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Newsy Updates

Pico: It looks like Pico is beginning to adjust to the concept of being left home alone in a fenced in yard! The first time we left him in the shed which led to the fenced in yard, he created utter havoc and seemed very unhappy. The next day we crated him indoors the whole day, while we were at work. But on the third day, Nanu and I couldn’t bear the thought of crating him again. So we left him in the fenced in yard and hoped he would begin to like it.

It looks like it worked, since he seemed happy when we came home to check on him at lunchtime. So after that, we’ve been leaving him out (in the fenced in yard) the past few days, when we go to work and it looks like he’s getting used to it.

No more messes. No more indignant and angry Beagle howls. No more guilt about crating a puppy the whole day. Yeehaw! This is such a relief.

Visa: I feel as grim about my visa as "Clem Urbush" my scary Ebay handmade mask.

In other news, (ahem…!) I’m exploring options with regards to my H1B visa. I don’t know at this point if I will be forced to find another job, simply because it’s my employer’s corporate policy not to sponsor international visas.

It's really sad, because I have finally found a job I truly enjoy, after a long time. It’s a friendly, relaxed and nice place to work, my boss loves me and I think she’s totally awesome, it’s close to home and it happens to be the biggest newspaper in Southern Illinois. Also I have a cool designation, Editor of the Southern Health Magazine & Special Projects Writer and I get to plan the magazine content, write and edit stories and handle a whole bunch of stringers.

But it all comes back again to the whole visa issue. Quite sucky if you ask me. Wish someone could wave a magic wand and make it all work out.

Weather: Today was an unbelievable 60 degrees Fahrenheit! Beautiful, beautiful weather. Oh I wish it could be like this always.

Is spring finally here?


brian said...

On the work visa issue, there are so many kinds of visas I was wondering if your employer's policy was just on H1Bs? There are other visa types as well intended for various purposes. If you really feel the job you have is worth the hassle, you might want to speak to a lawyer who specializes in immigration law to explain your situation to. Maybe there's a kind of visa he/she would know about that would be amenable to your employer's policy that would allow you to keep working once your current visa expires.

poornima said...

No the only one I am eligible for is a H1B. The others are either tourist visas, dependent visas, or not meant for my line of work. So am quite stuck!

Shree said...

Hi there! Picco is a darling, looks really handsome. I would love to meet him somtime.

poornima said...

Yeah he is a total spoilt brat, but very much my darling! Would love to meet Truffle one of these days. You, me, Pico and Truffle. Now that would make an interesting combination!