Tuesday, March 14, 2006

New Job

The days of lazing around and doing my own thing have come to an end.

I start my new job at The Southern tomorrow. I will be writing for their niche publication called the Southern Health Magazine

It’s a health magazine targeted at both medical professionals and the average person who is interested in issues and topics related to health.

The past couple of months, I freelanced with the Southern Health Magazine and did some cover stories on an assignment basis. It looks like they really liked my writing, since they recently offered me a full time job, which I promptly accepted of course.

To backtrack a bit, ever since I got to Carbondale, it’s been pretty hard finding a writing job, simply because the media scene is practically non-existent out here. Since the Southern is the main newspaper that caters to the entire region of Southern Illinois, I've been banging on their doors for quite a while now, trying to get my foot in.

At first they said there were no full time job openings for a writer. Then they asked me if I could freelance for them. I said 'yes' and now it looks like my efforts paid off. Thank goodness for that, since I was nearing the end of my tether.

The plan was to give Carbondale a couple of more months in terms of finding a job and if nothing came through, move out to Chicago on my own to find a job. While it sounded appealing professionally, on a personal basis it made no sense to me.

Who wants a long distance marriage in the first place? Also I don’t see the point of being married if I am going to see Nanu once a week or less. (Of course there are tons of people out there who do it and hats off to them, really. But I know myself - and I'm not cut out for all the crap that comes with a long distance marriage/relationship).

And then there's the wonderful quality of life that’s here to enjoy in Carbondale. Where else can you live about 5 minutes away from your workplace in a nice, quiet, affordable, wooded neighborhood and come home for lunch from work every single day?


Vivian said...

Hey girl... it was good to see your email and the info on your blog... looks like things are going well and you are definitely on the right track towards fulfilling your dreams.
How is married life treating you? Not sure if you know this but I got married last month... will update you later.
Take care of yourself and be good.

poornima said...

Vivian! What? When? To whom? Will send you an email.

Elizabeth said...

Congrats on the job!! I am so excited for you!! :)

abbyladybug said...

That's great news. It would TOTALLY suck to be so far away from Nanu. The whole point of the significant relationship is to share your life with a special person. If you can't have shared experiences, then what's the point. I think those kinds of marriages are for more professionally-minded people who prefer to be alone. I'm with you on the shared life thing. What a relief to have something to do! :D

poornima said...

Just got done with the first day at work. Pretty much liked the place and the people. So thats a relief!
Yeah since Nanu got his job first, we moved to Carbondale. And though he keeps saying he's fine if I want to move away and work someplace else, I dont think its such a hot idea. But thats something I no longer have to worry about since I have a job in the same city! Yay!